We are a creative, independent PR and Publishing company based in Bahrain, We offers innovative and highly effective support to companies launching and building their brands in the dynamic Middle East market.

Our Publishing wing produces critically acclaimed books and publications that are superior in both content and quality of production.

We take a highly creative approach to the work we do, because we believe that’s what every brand and every client deserves.

We are a group of thinkers and innovators. We are creative problem solvers, excellent communicators and big on novel marketing ideas that drive sales and create memorable experiences.

We support our clients’ vision and strategy through highly focused campaigns that stand out, and cutting-edge books and publications targeting specific customer bases. We have personal relationships with the region’s key influencers and specialists and we get them to listen through the credibility that we have built.

Founded in 2010, passion and mission have been our core vocabulary. We are young and we are relevant and we mean it when we say we are the complete package.

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