The Capital Schools are International schools that reflect the diverse nature of students and the context of their nation as a centre of innovation and growth. The schools employ international standards based around the English National Curriculum, but with a strong programme of Arabic and English language to ensure that all students have good communication skills.

The first Capital school was opened Dubai in September 2014 before it was expanded into opening the second branch in Bahrain in January 2015. Our schools boasts excellent facilities in sport, technology and learning support and a programme of English language support that will give all our students both the confidence and skill to be able to access the English National Curriculum successfully and enter higher education and the workforce with confidence.

The Capital Schools are based on a classic British Primary School set up and operates as such. Offering a class/form structure within key stages of development, a British National Curriculum including Early Years Foundation Stage whilst adhering to the requirements of Ministry of Education on the teaching of Arabic and Islamic classes.

Our teaching and learning approaches reflects only the very best of British Primary School practice and is contained within a modern learning environment, which is both stimulating and purposeful. We aim to reinforce family values and norms at all times which in turn creates an atmosphere of warmth and care, because we believe that a happy child is one who learns more effectively.

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