A Message from the Chairman’s Desk

Since the inception of the Al Safar Group in 1984, we have worked constantly on enhancing our services and products through modern technologies and innovative solutions. It would be no exaggeration to say that our business model has been a proven success. The group’s growth Year on Year growth stands testament. Our philosophy has been to never stay complacent, but to constantly seek new avenues of business to achieve growth, and to maintain a pace of growth that would sustain future generations. Our group today offers a portfolio of unique services that are based on the latest cutting edge technologies, on par with global trends.

Our core businesses focus as much on innovation as on quality, and we have built and leveraged that to create new opportunities. The partnerships we have established with notable international companies, creating a dashboard of world-class services and products that serve our customers and clients, have upheld our hard earned reputation.

However, it is a fact that at the core of it all, our people are the secret of our strength and our success. The dedicated professionals who make up our teams have enabled our growth. It is their commitment, talent and teamwork that continue to take us forward.

Adel Al Safar