Rainforest Cafe, a themed restaurant chain founded in 1994 in Houston, Texas with many branches located in leading places such as Disney, was brought to Bahrain by the AL Safar Group with its first branch at Dana Mall in 20XX.

Rainforest Cafe restaurant is designed to depict features of a tropical rainforest, with lush, verdant plants; mist; waterfalls; and realistic rainforest animal models like crocodiles, elephants, gorillas and butterflies. The whole restaurant is patterned to let customers experience a simulated Rainforest, complete with thunder and lightning.

Food choices range from seafood, beef, and chicken to pastas and pizzas. Dishes are colourfully named to reflect the Rainforest theme and include menu items like, “Rainforest Burger”, “Tribal Salmon”, and “Amazon Fajitas”. The restaurant has an extensive menu of American and International cuisine catering for both adults and children.

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