EZ Burger is a part of a worldwide American fast-food restaurant chain brand that keeps it simple, offering fresh, high-quality burgers, great chicken sandwiches, crispy French fries and real ice cream milk shakes as the cornerstone of their menu. Burgers and other menu items are prepared on order in house, ensuring that every item remains fresh and juicy and are never left to dry out under a heat lamp. In fact at EZ Burger, there are no microwave ovens, and you will not find a heat lamp anywhere.

The first EZ Burger restaurant was established in California in 1969, and now there are hundreds of branches all over the world. Al Safar Group is the exclusive Master franchiser for EZ Burger in the MENA Region. In Bahrain, three branches were opened at strategic locations: Arad Bay (Dohat Arad), Al Reem Center in Riffa and Saar Mall. There are plans to open new branches to meet the growing demand for its high-quality burgers.

EZ Burger sandwiches are made from top quality Certified Angus Beef ® brand – the world’s top choice for premium beef, to maintain their high standards and the promise of superior flavor, juiciness and mouthwatering tenderness.

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