Adel Al Safar


As one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the Kingdom of Bahrain, Adel Al Safar has been at the forefront of the business community in the region for many decades. His has been the vision on which the Al Safar Group was built and it was his drive and acumen that allowed it to expand in a number of directions while making sure it staying aligned with market needs.

The Al Safar Group’s business activities reflect the Chairman’s dynamic personality, and its growth his courageous business decisions. Through the different divisions, he has introduced a number of unique and high quality products into the market with a confidence and keen understanding of the market, while always maintaining the commitment to excellence and class.

His long experience, his strong connections at all levels of government and his loyalty and service to the country have been an integral part of his personality, that has served the business while also enabling him to be a pillar of the community and society.

Mohamed Al Safar


Mr. Mohamed Al Safar has been working in the company since the year 2012.

Mr. Mohamed Al Safar obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Management in the year 2011 from Pepperdine University.

In-charge of Business Venture development in Al Safar Group, Mr. Al Safar has launched and maintained deployment of various business franchise concepts into the company, such franchises include EZ burger, Control 4, Rainforest Cafe Dubai and Tamkeen Business Center Dubai.

Bader Al Safar


With a passion and instinct for finance Bader Al Safar pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management from the University of Westminster in London, with a specialization in quantitative finance to gain a deeper understanding of the nature and structure of financial markets. He also obtained a Graduate Diploma in Social Science from the University of London with Distinction, receiving an award for excellent academic achievement. To buttress his investment management acumen further and for added financial rigor and comprehensiveness, he is currently doing his CFA.

Based in Los Angeles, he looks after the group’s interests in the highly competitive US market.

Samar Al Safar


Samar Al Safar is currently in a Bachelor’s Degree program in Business Administration in Los Angeles. Involved in the activities of the Group’s marketing department from an early age, she developed a keen interest and understanding of what the role entails and the responsibilities that come with it. She has worked to formulate and execute marketing plans and communication strategies while managing related budgets. Collaborating with the team, she has brought to the table a keen understanding of strategy and the latest marketing methods , and worked on creating a strong brand image and improving brand awareness for the Al Safar Group.